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Apple iPhone 4S Replacement LCD with Touch Screen and Digitizer BLACK
Our Price: $38.99

Apple iPhone 4S Replacement LCD with Touch Screen and Digitizer: If your Apple iPhone 4 outside screen is cracked, broken, shattered, or missing AND the image below the screen does NOT display, this is the low cost replacement part for you. If you are having problems with your screen display due to dead spots, color bleeding, discoloration, etc., this is the DIY digitizer and LCD replacement part for you.
Apple iPhone 4S Glass Screen Replacement WHITE
Our Price: $19.99

Apple iPhone 4S Glass Screen Replacement: If your iPhone 4s screen is cracked, broken, scratched, and/or shattered AND you can still see the image below the screen, this is the perfect replacement part. Drops and falls on hard surfaces can also cause spider web cracks. This replacement screen includes the digitizer ONLY. There is NO LCD included This replacement screen does not include any cable, The LCD is the part under the touch screen that displays the image.
Samsung Screen Repair Tool Kit
Our Price: $4.99

Samsung Screen Repair Took Kit: Essential Samsung phone repair tool kit for any Samsung phone. Premium DIY repair kit to disassemble, repair, and assemble any Samsung smart phone including Galaxy SII, SIII, S4, S Mini, Galaxy Note, etc. in any way, shape, or form. Screwdrivers are magnetized to minimize loss and frustration! Most competitors do not sell the magnetized screwdrivers.
Samsung Galaxy S3 LCD Digitizer - WHITE
Our Price: $179.98

Samsung Galaxy S3 LCD Digitizer: Lowest cost and Highest quality DIY LCD digitizer screen repair fix for Samsung Galaxy S3. Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen broken, cracked, or shattered and you cannot see the images below the screen? Is the touch screen and/or digitizer on your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone broken, cracked, or shattered? If so, this is the low cost product to buy.

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